Nina Stössinger

Nordvest released

After 2.5 years of painstaking and tricky work, my new typeface Nordvest has been released by Norwegian type foundry, Monokrom 

Beginning a new chapter

This marks the closure of my studio, Typologic, as I am excited to move on to a fantastic new opportunity. Thanks for all the fish — 

Typographics 2016

Getting ready for New York in June 2016: Details of my Typographics talk have been posted 

Pangramme exhibition

My Nordvest was exhibited at French type design exhibition Pangramme, and awarded a special jury selection 

News Archive

Nina Stössinger, type-obsessed designer & overall curious person; Senior Typeface Designer at Frere-Jones Type. A bio is here.
Powered by passion for learning and for detail, I work at the intersection of form and language, design and technology: I design typefaces, typographic logos, books & brochures; and I write code to support the production and presentation of fonts. I love tackling tricky challenges and coming up with novel design solutions. I also enjoy tasks that demand patience and precision – spacing, kerning, typesetting. And I like passing on my passion for type to others: so I enjoy writing, speaking, and teaching.