Visualizations for Bold Monday

Paul van der Laan and Pieter van Rosmalen’s type foundry, Bold Monday, have launched their great new website designed by Donald Roos. (Go browse and play, it’s fun.)

I was happy to contribute a small, marginally less fun, but hopefully really useful bit: Paul and Pieter hired me to create “before/after” visualizations of OpenType features for all of their retail font families, and character set overviews for every single font.

This was an interesting puzzle to solve; I put together a workflow featuring RoboFont, DrawBot, and a bit of Photoshop and FontLab Studio, and spent a day or two writing code – which enabled me to generate a grand total of 878 images that were then integrated on the website. All this led to me being credited as “DrawBot wizard”, how cool is that. :)

Thanks for the great collaboration guys (in Dutch, no less), and hartelijk gefeliciteerd!