Lecture and workshops at ésad Amiens

I am looking forward to visiting the école superieure d’art et du design d’Amiens, France, on November 17/18, 2015 (and again January 11/12, 2016), where I have been invited to do a lecture and teach a couple of Python workshops for the Type & Language postgraduate students. The workshops will be about helping the students with Python scripting in their projects; the lecture is a look at curiosity across the borders of our discipline(s) – “both building a wall and making the bricks”:

  • I have often thought of Brian Eno’s quote, “not building a wall but making a brick,” as a nice metaphor for typeface design. Type designers make fonts: raw materials or tools that allow others to build finished designs, which still other people can then use, read, and (hopefully) enjoy. But if type designers are toolbuilders, that also means the discipline cannot exist in a vacuum: I believe there is much to be gained by building bridges between these disciplines (and practicioners). Showing examples from my own practice as both a graphic designer and a type designer — and taking another step back, also a builder of tools for type design — I will illustrate how the perspectives of designing and building tools for design can (and often should) go hand in hand, whether executed by the same person or within a team.