Retina released

Tobias Frere-Jones’ mighty Retina family has been released for retail licensing. I am very excited to see it out – and immensely honored (ok, really, very proud) to have contributed some work to this initially weird-looking but so deeply and precisely considered design. It was the first big project I worked on at Frere-Jones Type, and by far the biggest family I have ever worked on, the scope of which is really somewhat mindboggling (seven weights, three widths, two optical sizes). I actually remember reading about the curious tiny size of this design back when it was only used as a custom design, and hoping that I might some day be able to get a deeper look at it. I dare say the look I got now was pretty deep, and to have some of my curves and kerns in there now (and some of my brain bits tangled up in the specimen and website etc too) feels pretty surreal — in the best of ways. All my best to this huge tiny weird perfectly-logical creature as it goes out into the world — I look forward to seeing it again. Go explore!