Teaching at Yale

In more Very Exciting News, starting this fall I am teaching the weekly Letterform / Type Design class at Yale University School of Art as Tobias Frere-Jones, who has been teaching it since 1996, is taking a year off. It’s an intense and good experience, and Mondays are among the highlights of my week. I love Yale: I’ve experienced there a pervasive atmosphere of intense, good thinking, curiosity and openness, and everyone I’ve dealt with so far is fantastically pleasant, motivated, and interesting. This includes, of course, the twelve talented graphic design students whom I am enjoying helping along as they venture into type design, most of them for the first time.

[Edit/update 2017: I will continue to teach the Type Design graduate class at Yale in the Spring semesters, alternating with Tobias who is back teaching in the Fall semester. Yay!]