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Sélavy is a dotted typeface loosely based on the 13 punched-out caps on Marcel Duchamp’s 1934 Green Box (LA MARIEE MISE A NU PAR SES CELIBATAIRES MEME). It was designed by Nina Stössinger for Paul Soulellis and his project Library of the Printed Web. We are also making the files available to the public.

Selavy Specimen


Sélavy is distributed under the SIL Open Font License. The idea is that you are free to use, share, distribute, modify and adapt the font software. What you cannot do is sell it, or any modifications thereof, by itself. (Please note that this is true for both the generated OT file and the source UFO.)

License text (TXT), FAQ


In addition to the prepared «dotted» font file shown above, we are also releasing the source file. This file was built with RoboFont (and MetricsMachine) in the UFO format version 2. If you have access to a font editor that can edit UFOs you can edit this file to make other versions of Sélavy. Look for a glyph named BASE-DOT; it contains the outline of the base dot or element, instances of which (as components) make up every glyph. By experimenting with changing the outline in the BASE-DOT glyph, you can very quickly build new designs on the basis of the existing structure (examples).


PDF Specimen
(showing of base design, character set) 156KB

(Open Type Font, ready for use) 120KB

(UFO source file) 159KB ZIP

© Nina Stössinger (Web / Twitter) & Paul Soulellis (Web / Twitter)
26. April 2013